Interesting Gameplay of Dragonvale Game

interesting gameplay dragonvale

You can be at an office party or some family get together when you first heard about the Dragon vale game. You noticed that many individuals are discussing the game. You may first think that the discussion is all about the football match. But you’re mistaken. It will not be at all a delicate matter to play with the dragons on your phone.

After all, it is just a mode of relaxation. However, as you keep on leveling up, the complications increase. You will be surprised to see how you are losing your interest in the football games and getting more and more absorbed in the game.

The Basic Concept

The dragon vale game coming as a product of the backflip Studios is all about taming the different dragons. You will get an island right at the beginning.

Now you have to clear up space by removing all the trees and rocks. The next step is t create different environments where the dragons can easily thrive well. He decoration of the island should be right enough so that visitors will like to visit the island frequently. If you want to progress faster in the game then you must use the dragonvale mod apk to earn some free in game currency.

Generating Visitors

You have to decorate the islands and keep the exiting dragons to attract the visitors. Is that all about this game? Or is it just the beginning of something more complicated?

  • It would help if you calculated the breeding time of each dragon to find out which one will be the most valuable in terms of return. It is better to avoid breeding the unique dragons when you still av eth chance to produce the regular ones, which has got comparatively lower breeding time. You aim to increase the number of dragons first instead of noticing the quality.
  • Making the hybrids will be your passion soon. But you also have to keep a note of what elements each of the dragons have, to match them with the respective habitat.

Covet Fashion Beginners Guide

covet fashion beginners guide

Covet Fashion is an amazing game that is all about style and fashion. If you are a fashion freak, then you will surely love this game.

Before getting started, you must check its various features and complete the tutorial. In this way, you can come to know about the game in a proper manner, which allows you to perform better.

While playing this game, you can take part in various challenges where your main task is to achieve a fashionable look to win rewards.

Make sure you are choosing the clothing style and fashion accessories wisely to look best.

Claim your daily bonus

If you are playing Covet Fashion, then you should never forget to claim your daily rewards. Most of the games offer daily rewards to motivate gamers and Covet Fashion is also one of them.

When you play this game on a daily basis, you can easily load your game account with unlimited resources.

Never forget to claim your daily bonus after logging into the game. In the form of daily freebies, you will get diamonds or tickets.

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You can also get an option of the daily event in which you can join to get some amazing rewards.

With the help of winning these rewards, you can easily increase your balance in the game account. It will allow you to play the game perfectly and also in an efficient manner.

You can also reduce the numerous complications related to in-game currencies by reading guide mentioned here :

Link your Facebook account

The game developers offer various amazing features that may also grab your attention. When it comes to the most popular features, then one of the best covet cheats is to link the game with the Facebook account shouldn’t be ignored.

With the help of this feature, you can easily link your game with Facebook that allows you to add your friends who are also playing the same game.

In this way, you can help each other and also enjoy some other amazing benefits. You can easily ask them to get an item for completing your look.

Many other advantages are out there, which you can enjoy after linking your account with Facebook.

Tips and tricks for beginners

If you are a newbie and want to be on the top in coveting fashion game, then there are many tips and tricks that you should follow.

Some beginners never pay attention to implement tips, which is not good. They should make the right use of effective tips provided by experts to be a top player. When you get the top look, then the game offers you an amazing reward.

You will get many diamonds as well as clothing prizes in the form of rewards. You should unlock the levels without worrying about whether you win or lose.

I hope you may win at the next level because after using the accessories available on higher levels, you can get a good number of votes.

If you do not win the top look reward, then you may win the best look reward, so never leave hope and try to give your best shot.

Mario Kart Tour Take A World Racing Tour With Friends


Mario Kart Tour is a fantastic Multiplayer racing game introduced for Android and iOS devices. Every player in the game needs to win races for unlocking different real city tracks besides world tour.

You are allowed to play the game with your friends to explore endless fun besides reducing all stress. Also, there is no need to pay any charges for playing the superhit game as Nintendo freely offers it.

If you are one of them, who needs to know more about Mario Kart Tour exciting game, stay connected to us. Lots of exciting missions, real tracks based on cities, missions, are added in the game in which you need to race besides win.

Achieving victory in every mission offers additional rewards, in game currencies, essential elements, and much more.

There are many ways too available to progress in the game faster, but playing with your own strategies offers more fun.

Well, mentioned below are some of the core concepts in which you need to pay more attention. From it, you can learn the basics, besides how to enjoy more in the Mario Kart Tour game.

  • Choose up the character and set up settings

As per users’ comfort, they can change vehicle handling mode to manual as well as automatic. It helps them to use the controls easier besides push their best to win each race.

If you are a beginner in the Mario Kart Tour game, try to choose your favorite character and change controls firstly. It is the first step to go far in the game faster like no one another can.

  • Frenzy mode

In this mode of Mario Kart Tour, players are able to collect more rewards besides play against various online players. It is one of the exciting game modes where all can explore more fun besides can learn all concepts as soon as possible.

All you need to participate in various events to unlock this mode also need to win in each challenge. Try to participate in more ways of achieving personal objectives smoothly.

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  • Grand stars

It is the single key with which you can go on a grand world racing tour. With the help of grand stars, players are able to unlock real city racing tracks besides trips to travel.

As it is the single currency to unlock, users need to spend some effort to earn this. Well, many methods are available in Mario Kart Tour game to make grand stars in a more massive amount, and some of them are-

  • Winning bonus Challenges
  • Going through daily missions
  • Collecting rewards
  • Connect with Facebook, and so on.

Also, players can go through in-app purchases feature to earn it instantly by spending real cash.

  • Essential items

Gliders, karts, drivers, and badges are some of the crucial things that players need to collect first. It helps them to play Mario Kart Tour smoothly without facing several issues. They can collect these items from in game currencies and while performing any race.


Guns of Glory Enhance The Skills By Following Strategies


Missions are an essential part of every game, and Guns of Glory is a popular mobile game where players have to complete several missions and make a strong empire.

With lots of events and tasks, players have done everything with perfect strategy. The Guns of Glory is a huge game mobile game, and every player who plays it knows how they have to work to enhance their skill.

It is important to have great skills, but if you don’t know much about how to play and make skills perfect, then you should learn it. In the given information below, you can find great ways to enhance your skills.

Enhance the skills

In order to be a perfect player, it is important to know every skill of your army and troops. Skills are very important, and to defeat the opponent, it is essential to learn.

In Guns of Glory, many kinds of army and weapons are available, and they all can help you to win the battle. Apart from attacking, defending the kingdom is also important, and for this you have to know everything about it as well.

Play every mission

The Guns of Glory is full of lots of amazing missions. Each & every mission is unique and has a different concept of the building.

Missions can help in several ways, and if you want to make a strong base with the proper design, then you can take guidance from missions.

The beginning levels of missions are easy to complete, and their designing of buildings is also simple. In order to make the buildings strong and tricky, you have to unlock a higher level of missions, and they will guide you to make higher buildings as well.

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Complete daily tasks

On a weekly basis, Guns of Glory provides tasks, and every task is helpful to make the skills better. Majority of players who play Guns of Glory take part in this kind of task, and they also provide lots of rewards.

Every player has their aim to be better at something, and you can also focus on this, but first, you have to know what kind of resources you have.

Some tasks very tough and take they take lots of time to complete, but they are the ones that increase the skills majorly.

If you want to have great skills, then you must follow and check for the tasks because they are really helpful and important.

Upgrade the army

The army is a major thing in Guns of Glory, and to be a perfect player, you have to unlock every army troop and formation.

Well, from the beginning of Guns of Glory, you will have to make the process to unlock the army, but after reaching to higher levels, those army troops needed to be upgraded as well.

Every expert and the skilled player keep their army upgraded and know their potential and way to battle, and if you also want to be perfect as then, you also need to upgrade them.

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NBA Live Mobile A Complete Management Strategy Game


Do you dream to have your own favorite NBA franchise and act as its GM?

Do you dream to have the most popular and legend players of the game in your team?

Do you curiously follow the NBA live events and try to plan a perfect management strategy?

These tough queries are associated with guys who love playing NBA Live Mobile game in their free time. These users are fully aware of the fact, what an awesome mobile game has to offer and how can it brings such massive positive changes in their lifestyle.

Without any doubt, classic basketball games like NBA Live Mobile will act as a massive source of entertainment. You can simply enjoy these games for many hours or when you get a brief time to relax after professional work. Some of the players do behave seriously and willing to spend money in order to excel.

Even in the NBA Live Mobile game, the option of in-app purchase is worth to apply if you don’t want to invest your time in tips and tricks.

When you get many coins in your gaming account, it becomes a lot easier to attain popularly and legend players of the game in your team.

As we all know, the management strategy of the NBA Live Mobile game completely depends on building a strong team. When we talk about a strong basketball team, there is a need to cover to a vital aspect.

A first vital aspect of building a strong team is to look for top-notch players. Yes for this you need to make proper use of player cards and auction house.

Users can only consider the option of application of nba live mobile hack apk which will help in gaining many quick coins.

With these tools, you will save all the money and still enjoy the game with unlimited resources. Now in order to get the right tool, you are required to execute deep searching online. Try to prefer the tool which is fully compatible with your gaming device and don’t create an issue.

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It will take a bit of your time to find the right tool but the task of attaining popular players will become lot easier. In recent times, many online programs are launched which don’t require any downloading.

These online programs are all about filling the basic information and the desired number of coins would be transferred to your gaming account.

The second vital aspect of building a strong team is to get the right combination and learn out some impressive moves.

With a strong team combination, you will have a team to beat. You must have players who can cope up with any tough game situation.

Learning out moves will further assist in gaining an edge over strong opponents. Overall, all aspects of playing NBA Live Mobile game in right manner have been shared and interested players must try to make most of the valuable information.

Information Source :- Nba Live Mobile Hack and Cheats to Earn Free Coins Legally – NYSBasketball

episode choose your story beginners guide

Episode: Choose Your Story Beginners Guide!

episode choose your story beginners guide

Episode: Choose Your Story is one of the famous story-based RPG games introduced for Android and iOS devices.

Lots of exciting events, challenges, stories added in the game to make it perfect in comparison to others. Due to its 3D graphics, features, functions, players can enjoy the game more besides can reduce mental stress.

As per the user’s choice they can either make the story right or worst. With the help of in game currencies, you can unlock your personal account as well as character.

It includes some age restrictions that every user needs to follow besides shows loyalty. Some fantasy and adult stories are added in the game, which a child under 15 does not need to unlock.

Choosing the perfect story as per needs, moods, and requirements helps an individual to explore more fun. If you are a beginner in Episode: Choose Your Story game, try to focus on the forthcoming content more.

Here we are going to cover all the essential aspects of the game that helps you to play and progress smoothly.


As we mentioned earlier, many advanced features are added in the game, which makes it exciting. You can enjoy the advanced features for playing efficiently besides to gain an array of benefits.

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Some of the features are mentioned below-

  • Hundreds of compelling stories
  • Age restrictions
  • Easy gameplay
  • Choices
  • 3D graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Meet hundreds of friends


Every story contains some challenges which you need to complete for progressing further or for gaining more rewards.

Try to play all events correctly that helps you to learn how to level up faster in the game or how to make it successful.

Don’t try to skip the step as it permits an individual to obtain higher outcomes without getting stressed or tensed.

In-game currencies

To unlock every single character, story, events, items of the game, you need to earn in game currencies. Like all other mobile games, Episode: Choose Your Story also includes some kinds of currencies named gems and passes.

Each currency plays a vital role in the game and contains its benefits. Maintaining all currencies in a more massive amount helps you to progress faster, play smoothly, pass hard levels easily, and so on. Here are some legal episode choose your story cheats available that will earn you free gems and passes in the game even faster,=.

  • Gems are the premium currency of Episode: Choose Your Story game from which valuable stories can also be unlocked; essential decisions can be taken. Try to earn gems more and more for playing the game like a pro.
  • On the other hand, passes are considered as primary and main currency of the game that can be used to enter different events or stories. Every 4 hours of play, you are going to reward more passes as a bonus reward. So, don’t forget to collect it more without getting stressed or tensed.

There are many ways available in the game to earn both currencies more. You just need to spend some effort and time to play and to gain rewards.

If you are a story lover or love to play RPG games, try Episode: Choose Your Story once for a more exceptional experience.

plants vs zombies 2 level up guide

Plants vs. Zombies Level Up Guide – To Earn Rewards

plants vs zombies 2 level up guide

In order to earn rewards and complete levels in any game, players have to make lots of efforts and do work with patience.

The game Plants vs. Zombies is a mobile game that is developed by Electronic Arts, and both are popular in the mobile gaming community. Plants vs. Zombies are one of the most popular games with cartoonish graphics and designs, but still, there are millions of players who play it on a daily basis.

It is a completely positive sign for the game, and in fact, the developers had no idea that this unique and new kind of game will get so much popularity.

Here are so many levels available in-game and to complete it players have to understand several things which are written below –

Complete the levels

There are up to 50 levels in-game, and every level has a different place and different plants. At the beginning of levels, players will face easy zombies, and as you complete the levels, zombies will also gain strength and powers.

Every completed level will provide amazing rewards and money too to get unlocked plants a d use them in the battle.

It is true that every plant has different powers, and in the higher levels, you will not have to check them. The only thing is to check them is to use it on zombies and kill them with it.

Various types of levels have various types of zombies, and as the players complete the levels, the number of rewards will also increase, which helps to enhance the strength of the plant as well.

Rewards are so important, and to get it, players have to make little effort, but it is worth effort because, at higher levels, it helps a lot.

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Take part in events

Every week and many days, several types of events release, and it is quite interesting about Plants vs. Zombies because in the events, players can explore many new things.

Catch every reward that the event provides, and if you have to do any tough work, just do it because every event is special, and they will give the same reward again.

Millions of players play the game, but few of them know about the greatest rewards, and if you play every event, you can get many amazing rewards. Also, do not use any hack for getting resources from online sources as you may get spammed by lots of fake sites. Learn more about plants vs zombies 2 free coins generator to get all details about it.

Grow your garden

There is also a collection of plants that you have, and also, you can grow them as well.

It can provide a lot of money and many other things that will help in the battles and completing the levels as well.

Every plant has different power and way of attack, understands them all, and is an expert player of the game and apart from it completes every level.

Complete tasks and get achievements

There are several types of achievement reads available in-game, and now it is up to the players that how faster they complete the tasks and get those achievement rewards of Plants vs. Zombies.

coin master free coins

Earn Coin Master Free Coins and Be the Master of Game

coin master free coins

Coin master game is a coin-based game, in which players try to win the coins as much as possible. In the game, you have to attack the friend’s village to get the coins.

A player also has the wheel in the game; only a player needs to spin the while. Start the game to loot the villages and give your best as you can. Some of your enemies will try to kill you; you have to save yourself and loot the enemies.

We can play the game with our friends as well; we need to share the game on their Facebook page. We have to send an invitation to our friends, as they accept the request.

Earn the coin by spin the wheel

The main motive in the coin master game is to win the maximum coins. There are many methods of making the coins; the most favorite among the player is spinning the wheel.

It is an easy way to collect the points comparing to other methods of collecting. A player only needs to spin the wheel; it is the fortune of the player to get coins.

You may get the points spinning the wheel. As you make the coins by this method, you move forward in the game to level up.

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Attack on the enemies 

For making more win in the Coin Master game, a player has to make a vast collection of the coins. When you move ahead on the next level, you go through many difficult challenges. Every challenge allows us to make more coins and to defeat the enemies. Difficulties always there, so don’t rely only on slots and try to use a legit coin master free coins generator methods that is nothing but raiding in the game, watching ads and much more.

Don’t give any chance to the enemy to make you beat. First, make the position secure and go up to gather the points. Here, the player has to save himself from the attack of enemies. Face the assaults of the foe and make them devastating.

Build your village

We also can earn money from the slot machines. Only we need to do to use the slot machines properly. It is a type of gambling machine where a player pulls the handle of the device and get the points and redeem those points in coins.

In the Coin Master game player has a village; a player needs to build the building at the village. For making the building, players need to collect the coins.

Here, the player goes to the other village to loot; nobody knows how much treasure is in the other villages. Pick up whatever you find there and make your village.

Gather cards

For making a building, a player needs to rob the village as well as collect the card. Move ahead in the game and obtain the card as much as you can.

Enemies steal the coins; we have to take revenge from the enemies. When we defeat the other players, we get the opportunity to win the village. Conquer the villages and move toward the great victory.

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Modern Combat 5 – 3 Important Aspects to Know about!

If you are a Modern Combat 5 player, then you need to know that there are various crucial aspects present in the game which players should know. In the same article, there are 3 main aspects of Modern Combat 5 described, and about them, all people should know. Before it, one should know that in the game there are lots of stunning features present and also two main types of currency present. Currency in the game is necessary to earn a good amount as to make progress in it.

Take help from the game tutorial

When players start playing the game, they are provided with a game tutorial. The game tutorial helps players in providing information about all basic concepts. Players have to know that by taking the help from the cheats for modern combat 5, they easily become able to know how to play Modern Combat 5 in an appropriate manner, how to attack the players and many more things.

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Earn credits and diamonds dust

In the game, there are mainly two main types of currency present. Earning both of them in good amount is very necessary for the players to go far in it. Gamers easily become able to perform all essential tasks and activities in Modern Combat 5. If they are having a good amount of currency in the game, then you easily make good progress in it.

Adjust the controls accordingly

Players in the game have to set the controls accordingly as to go far in Modern Combat 5. It helps them in playing gamers easily and also in a decent manner. Another fine thing that players need to know is that by adjusting the controls, players easily play it perfectly. So, it is the best method to make a deal with as to go far in it.

Using the Golf Clash hack engine to derive the best golf card statistics

Your golf clubs become the main source of your effective playing. Now talking about capability, power in these clubs is presumed by the distance your golf balls travel after they touch the ground.

You need to know that strong clubs drive the balls to travel more. You must take note of the fact that it doesn’t include the balls’ bounce or the wind’s impact.

Players should remember that golf balls always bounce a couple of rounds/times and roll after hitting the ground. In this case, the wind can provide smooth resistance to the ball. You can make your own shot and pace with golf clash hack at your will.

Top spin

It increases the ball’s bounce length and enables it to roll further. Top spin doesn’t enhance the mainframe gap the ball does on its premier flight. It is from the tee to the point where it comes down to touch the ground.

You will find that improved ratings in top spin are great when you need the ball to shoot out more and percolate through the ingrained rough in a better way. With the free gems cheat for golf clash, the handling becomes much smoother.

The back spin beat

It’s just the complete antithesis of top spin and is instrumental for long distance shots entailing short runaways. The back spin format is great if you are percolating the ball on the Fairway’s edge. However, that remains in a safe distance from the Rough.

On a relatively longer and continued stretch, players need to try and hit the ball as much as they can before making a throng of Back Spin moves to prevent the run from reaching the Fairway tail.

The curls factor

As regards the limited control or set control of the ball, players can also provide the gold ball. You can always be sure that it won’t roll or bounce back more.

On the other hand, the pattern of Top Spin remains an uncertainty since you can’t just tell how far the ball will go.  As a trivia, the generator modality of the hack holds importance here. It means that all gems generated by you stay forever. Curl is very clinical to go around the corners.

The main reason is that when you shoot, the golf ball doesn’t go straight to the main corner. Rather, it bends around this particular corner. But, you can’t create a curl because it’s one of those rare aspects you can only get from the gold clubs.

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Guidelines for ball control

When you speak of the ball guide, it signifies the amount of distance the golf ball can travel after you make the first impact with it. This first impact comes off your iron rod. You need to remember that the ball guide from different clubs is actually a clear diagram depicting the corresponding value of the golf ball’s distance.

The value is mentioned in the parameter of yards. The best thing is to know how to get free gems in golf clash and maneuver the generator to accentuate more impact and span on the distance traveled.