episode choose your story beginners guide

Episode: Choose Your Story Beginners Guide!

episode choose your story beginners guide

Episode: Choose Your Story is one of the famous story-based RPG games introduced for Android and iOS devices.

Lots of exciting events, challenges, stories added in the game to make it perfect in comparison to others. Due to its 3D graphics, features, functions, players can enjoy the game more besides can reduce mental stress.

As per the user’s choice they can either make the story right or worst. With the help of in game currencies, you can unlock your personal account as well as character.

It includes some age restrictions that every user needs to follow besides shows loyalty. Some fantasy and adult stories are added in the game, which a child under 15 does not need to unlock.

Choosing the perfect story as per needs, moods, and requirements helps an individual to explore more fun. If you are a beginner in Episode: Choose Your Story game, try to focus on the forthcoming content more.

Here we are going to cover all the essential aspects of the game that helps you to play and progress smoothly.


As we mentioned earlier, many advanced features are added in the game, which makes it exciting. You can enjoy the advanced features for playing efficiently besides to gain an array of benefits.

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Some of the features are mentioned below-

  • Hundreds of compelling stories
  • Age restrictions
  • Easy gameplay
  • Choices
  • 3D graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Meet hundreds of friends


Every story contains some challenges which you need to complete for progressing further or for gaining more rewards.

Try to play all events correctly that helps you to learn how to level up faster in the game or how to make it successful.

Don’t try to skip the step as it permits an individual to obtain higher outcomes without getting stressed or tensed.

In-game currencies

To unlock every single character, story, events, items of the game, you need to earn in game currencies. Like all other mobile games, Episode: Choose Your Story also includes some kinds of currencies named gems and passes.

Each currency plays a vital role in the game and contains its benefits. Maintaining all currencies in a more massive amount helps you to progress faster, play smoothly, pass hard levels easily, and so on. Here are some legal episode choose your story cheats available that will earn you free gems and passes in the game even faster,=.

  • Gems are the premium currency of Episode: Choose Your Story game from which valuable stories can also be unlocked; essential decisions can be taken. Try to earn gems more and more for playing the game like a pro.
  • On the other hand, passes are considered as primary and main currency of the game that can be used to enter different events or stories. Every 4 hours of play, you are going to reward more passes as a bonus reward. So, don’t forget to collect it more without getting stressed or tensed.

There are many ways available in the game to earn both currencies more. You just need to spend some effort and time to play and to gain rewards.

If you are a story lover or love to play RPG games, try Episode: Choose Your Story once for a more exceptional experience.

plants vs zombies 2 level up guide

Plants vs. Zombies Level Up Guide – To Earn Rewards

plants vs zombies 2 level up guide

In order to earn rewards and complete levels in any game, players have to make lots of efforts and do work with patience.

The game Plants vs. Zombies is a mobile game that is developed by Electronic Arts, and both are popular in the mobile gaming community. Plants vs. Zombies are one of the most popular games with cartoonish graphics and designs, but still, there are millions of players who play it on a daily basis.

It is a completely positive sign for the game, and in fact, the developers had no idea that this unique and new kind of game will get so much popularity.

Here are so many levels available in-game and to complete it players have to understand several things which are written below –

Complete the levels

There are up to 50 levels in-game, and every level has a different place and different plants. At the beginning of levels, players will face easy zombies, and as you complete the levels, zombies will also gain strength and powers.

Every completed level will provide amazing rewards and money too to get unlocked plants a d use them in the battle.

It is true that every plant has different powers, and in the higher levels, you will not have to check them. The only thing is to check them is to use it on zombies and kill them with it.

Various types of levels have various types of zombies, and as the players complete the levels, the number of rewards will also increase, which helps to enhance the strength of the plant as well.

Rewards are so important, and to get it, players have to make little effort, but it is worth effort because, at higher levels, it helps a lot.

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Take part in events

Every week and many days, several types of events release, and it is quite interesting about Plants vs. Zombies because in the events, players can explore many new things.

Catch every reward that the event provides, and if you have to do any tough work, just do it because every event is special, and they will give the same reward again.

Millions of players play the game, but few of them know about the greatest rewards, and if you play every event, you can get many amazing rewards. Also, do not use any hack for getting resources from online sources as you may get spammed by lots of fake sites. Learn more about plants vs zombies 2 free coins generator to get all details about it.

Grow your garden

There is also a collection of plants that you have, and also, you can grow them as well.

It can provide a lot of money and many other things that will help in the battles and completing the levels as well.

Every plant has different power and way of attack, understands them all, and is an expert player of the game and apart from it completes every level.

Complete tasks and get achievements

There are several types of achievement reads available in-game, and now it is up to the players that how faster they complete the tasks and get those achievement rewards of Plants vs. Zombies.

coin master free coins

Earn Coin Master Free Coins and Be the Master of Game

coin master free coins

Coin master game is a coin-based game, in which players try to win the coins as much as possible. In the game, you have to attack the friend’s village to get the coins.

A player also has the wheel in the game; only a player needs to spin the while. Start the game to loot the villages and give your best as you can. Some of your enemies will try to kill you; you have to save yourself and loot the enemies.

We can play the game with our friends as well; we need to share the game on their Facebook page. We have to send an invitation to our friends, as they accept the request.

Earn the coin by spin the wheel

The main motive in the coin master game is to win the maximum coins. There are many methods of making the coins; the most favorite among the player is spinning the wheel.

It is an easy way to collect the points comparing to other methods of collecting. A player only needs to spin the wheel; it is the fortune of the player to get coins.

You may get the points spinning the wheel. As you make the coins by this method, you move forward in the game to level up.

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Attack on the enemies 

For making more win in the Coin Master game, a player has to make a vast collection of the coins. When you move ahead on the next level, you go through many difficult challenges. Every challenge allows us to make more coins and to defeat the enemies. Difficulties always there, so don’t rely only on slots and try to use a legit coin master free coins generator methods that is nothing but raiding in the game, watching ads and much more.

Don’t give any chance to the enemy to make you beat. First, make the position secure and go up to gather the points. Here, the player has to save himself from the attack of enemies. Face the assaults of the foe and make them devastating.

Build your village

We also can earn money from the slot machines. Only we need to do to use the slot machines properly. It is a type of gambling machine where a player pulls the handle of the device and get the points and redeem those points in coins.

In the Coin Master game player has a village; a player needs to build the building at the village. For making the building, players need to collect the coins.

Here, the player goes to the other village to loot; nobody knows how much treasure is in the other villages. Pick up whatever you find there and make your village.

Gather cards

For making a building, a player needs to rob the village as well as collect the card. Move ahead in the game and obtain the card as much as you can.

Enemies steal the coins; we have to take revenge from the enemies. When we defeat the other players, we get the opportunity to win the village. Conquer the villages and move toward the great victory.

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