Currencies and Disasters in SimCity

SimCity BuildIt belongs to the Sim Series that was developed in the year 1989. There are a number of in-app purchases within the game and it is also free to play. Moreover, this app is developed quite similar to SimCity 2013 with the exception that you can play this on your Android as well as iOS devices.

Currencies Used in SimCity

There are four major currencies that can be used in this game and they include Simoleons, SimCash, Platinum Keys and Golden Keys. Simoleons: Trading resources and upgrading residential areas will earn you Simoleons. You can also use SimCash to buy Simoleons. SimCash: When you complete city achievements you will be able to earn SimCash. You can also use real world currency to buy SimCash in the game. Platinum Keys: When you build very rare and legendary items and compete in the Mayor’s Contests such as City League, Big Prizes, Town League and Top Prize, you can win Platinum keys. It cannot be bought with the help of SimCash. Golden Keys: When you complete disaster challenges or complete shipment, you will be able to earn the Golden Keys.

At the start of the game, you will be provided with 50 SimCash and 25,000 Simoleons. In general the name of the city is given randomly and the player can change whenever it pleases him. He is also given the right to change it as many times as he wants and the use of simcity buildit hack tool which helps along the way.

Instead of zoning, buildings in SimCity BuildIt are manually plopped. To upgrade in terms of population, residential zones require industrial and commercial buildings that produce items. Similarly, it is also possible to upgrade factories. However, this upgrade requires that the original building is demolished before building a new one. Similar to SimCity 2013, road carries services to the city.

Disasters in SimCity

There are 6 major disasters that can occur in SimCity. The Vu Tower is the place where these disasters have the capacity to be launched. To launch the disaster, special items such as Vu’s Gloves, Vu’s Remote and Vu’s battery are essential. On reaching a particular level, it is possible to power up these disasters. The disasters that can be launched include Lightening storm, tornado, Alien invasion, earthquake, meteor strike and robot.

Playing the SimCity BuildIt is a refreshing change to the other Sim series despite its many similarities. The major drawback with this game is the availability of new buildings which happens only once in a day and this takes a number of days to populate the city to a noticeable extent. The fact that you can buy SimCash with real currency is an added bonus and will help you go up a couple of levels. There are some default buildings that are available when a new city is introduced. These building cannot be removed, moved or destroyed and also require more SimCash to be unlocked with an increase in level. If you are looking for a game that will keep you entertained and engaged, then this is the game for you.

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