Types Of Currencies In 8 Ball Pool And Ways To Get Them

If this is your first time, when you are trying to play 8 Ball pool, then you must wonder to learn about the steps first. This is not an easy game, as it seems to be. You have to work a lot with dedication, skill and time to be right at the top, and get qualified as a pro player. You have the chance to play over here in two types of games. The basic ones is when you get to play against one player. And for the advanced levels, you can think about joining some tournaments and play with more than one players, at a row.

Before you proceed further and play a round of 8 ball pool, you are requested to go through this side and deal with the Pool career.  Here, you will come to know more about two types of games. The first one is 1 on 1 game. Here, you are about to play with only one player at a time. Winning this game will provide you with the opportunity to win gold coins. Another type of 8 Ball Pool game is the tournaments. This is only for the advanced players, and not for novices. In this round, you are going to play a knockout competition. For that, you will be given the chance to play against 7 other players.

In order to play 1 on 1 match, you have to click on the “play” button. This will take you to take the screen, from where you get the chance to choose your requisite venue. Here, you will find that you might have to unlock some of the locations, and for that, you need some pool coins for entering the zone. There used to be a hack for 8 ball pool which works to get free coins. In case, you are looking for more than one challenge at a time, then entering a tournament will be a great idea for you. From the said main screen, you have to click on the tournament option, and will be redirected to that tournament page only.

There are two types of currencies, which you need for playing a round of 8 Ball Pool. Those two currency types are pool cash and pool coins. Pool coins are considered to be the main currency of this 8 Ball Pool. These coins are used for joining games, buying pool cues, char packs and even for table patterns. Pool cash is another type of currency used in 8 Ball Pool. You can purchase these cashes from the pool shops, around here. You can even use the pool cash for buying some of the best cues over here, and for some of the cooler types of table patterns.

You can procure 8 Ball Pool cash and coins in different manners. You can take the daily spin challenge or look for the 30 minutes later game. You have scratch cards and hi-Lo for help. Use 8 ball pool hack tool or win the tournaments or 1 on 1 matches for winning the pool coins and cash.

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